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Leaving Munich and entering Nürnberg only solidified my appreciation for less people and beautiful architecture.  Upon arriving into Nuremberg, a few of us hit the streets right away. The cobblestone streets led us through a city full of old buildings, clearly full of history.  The Churches stood tall within the middle of the city, and more street performers sprinkled throughout the streets.  We climbed a substantial hill up to the castle that overlooks the entire city, with a breathtaking view from the top.  We then had a good ol’ German beer at a café in the castle, and I could tell that this was a city in Europe that I would truly enjoy.

            The next morning, we were privileged enough to tour the courthouse where the Nuremberg trials took place. We learned about this in class prior to our departure, but being in the courtroom, seeing where these horrible Nazi leaders sat, was more powerful than I ever expected.  Additionally, it was a proud moment after previously being at Dachau.  To some extent, it was proud because I am American and the Americans finally took a stand against this horrific catastrophe of the Holocaust.  I was also proud as a future attorney.  As an attorney, I will have many opportunities to somehow right a wrong, even if it is only slight.  Justice is priceless.



            Before departing from Nürnberg, we visited the Documentation center.  Here, we were able to see the Nazi age come to fruition. Although I learned about Adolf Hitler in school, seeing his rise to power through extension documentation in Germany made much more sense.  His strategy was anything but haphazard; he thought out every move that he made, brainwashing the country to follow him.  How this happened is forever unfathomable, but seeing the documentation from beginning to end at least made a shred of sense in the face of disbelief. The fact that sticks out most in my mind is that he ended up holding three of the highest offices as one person. This would be like one individual being the President, the Vice President, and Secretary of State in the United States.   No one person should ever have so much power, and the Holocaust and Final Solution are proof of that.




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