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The Anne Frank House

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The Anne Frank House: This was a very interesting place to visit. It was a split between the actual house (with items being rebuilt or put into it that the Nazis may have taken from the house or destroyed) on one half and a museum in the other half. I had read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was younger but did not remember much about her family’s story. To see the house that they were cooped up on for a long period of time was moving. To learn about the people who were trying to keep them safe despite Nazi threats and to learn about the people all over the Netherlands that had tried to save their Jewish friends and resist the Nazi regime was moving. To see how much Anne had written at such a young age and how much she could have become had the Nazis not snuffed her life out gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. There were so many good people who did what they could to help those who were being harmed and hunted, really helped my outlook on humanity.



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